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Are you willing to create unforgettable memories in Danube Delta?
For more than 10 years we explore Danube Delta and we managed to create the most interesting touristic offers, which include dreamy spots and places that we will show you. Because we know hom important is the culinary experience experience in Danube Delta, we managed to select some of the most rellevant places where you can taste traditional dishes (cooked by chefs who are born and raised in Danube Delta).

What will take you through Danube Delta?

In the Boats section you can discover a photo gallery with the boats we have. The boat seats have a leather cover and a tarapaulin, so you can be more protected. The boats we are using are special made for reaching the places where regular boats can not sail, so this is an advantage because you will see beautiful places with unique flora and fauna.

We are not the only ones who offer such trips, but we are the ones who can guarantee the satisfaction of a memorable trip.

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Available Danube Delta Excursions

We've prepared below the day trips we've been practicing. We have day trips available from 2.5 hours to 10 hours. Together with your family you will spend unforgettable moments with our team and you will see places that will remain in your memory. Choose the trip that interests you and contact us for a price offer.

What customers say

At first I was skeptical because I heard they were mosquitoes, it was not clean and the food was not good, but it was not like that. Lunch is unpalatable, and sailing is really relaxing. I was impressed by aquatic fauna, lilies, pelicans and swans. I kindly recommend: D.

Andreea M

A dream holiday, everything was perfect, location, friendly staff, good food, clean rooms, safe boats, it is justified every leu spent. We went to the family and for the little ones it was the first time they visited the Delta. Surely we will come back.

Cristian B.

We felt very good, we had a modern boat made available to my family (5 people). We walked to the sea, the guide was very documented, working and good-natured. Responsible for the very cute restaurant, always careful that we feel good. I recommend, I would come back anytime with pleasure.

Ionel Popescu
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